Tuesday, May 28, 2019


So I bought my wife, a brand new Tesla Model X. However, first had to prank her that we crashed the car. Her parents bought her when she graduated. We also spray-painted her old car [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ]. Okay, I don't know if you guys saw in the last video but Brianna really wanted a Tesla so bad. She almost bought one when I was gone in Canada, so we're here at the Tesla dealership about to go, buy Bree a brand new Tesla lesson, two things: how are you gon na get a toss up from the back of the shop and what are you wan Na piss away like just calm down, okay, we can go around to the front and you know at the front I'll show you what I'm about with it's pretty dope. I just got this giant check from the bank, account, I'm pretty sure, I'm the only person who's ever got ta check this big, never seen a cheque that big Preston wheat. Is it actually that, because right now it looks kind of small? No, it's a big check. Okay, it's just rolled up. I had to keep it protected, but it's it's kind of hard to undo row. Is it Preston proof it looks like you may not be able to open it up. I'M gon na be able to open it up. John okay, look. I got ta get this tested for use my teeth. What am i damaged? My teeth? Hurry up, don't you bring like scissors or something like that? John? I don't always have scissors on me, but do you think I am in the Box? Opener? Yes, yes, oh all! Right here it is here there's another piece of tape. Is Preston frayed, [, Music ]. There we go. It'S really big wait, but there's there's nothing gon na fly and I attest, though, with the blank check press. I know that's okay, I got ta sign. It. First. Did you bring the pen? Did you bring a pen, I didn't even know we had the giant check that was, you know I might not always have scissors, but I got the okay. How much do you think it's gon na cost and all the rest? It'S way more than not all the way do you want to take dollars? John, do you know, do write it up to Elon Musk or Tesla? It'S Elon Musk owns Tesla, of course Elon Musk Elan musk. Yes, do you know how to spell Elon? I know it's really Mon John, only four letters. I got a dude, I got it. I think it's worth like you're in a way. Where is it? Do we need to put the time on dude I put my birthday yeah, it's not your birthday. The checks not gon na work - if you just put your birthday on it, I know that's why I erased it. Okay, John, that's nice! We got erasable check, Wow, okay, seven teen, then 2019 to 1929 teen, okay, beautiful all right so seriously. How much do we think this is gon na be big in the box there you should put all the money. You spent all your money on Brees Tesla, then how are you gon na pay me wait you're getting paid now we got to sign it. Do you have a good signature? It'S a great signature! Oh pretty, it looks like gibberish all right now, we're just gon na bring you to the Tesla dealership and they're totally gon na. Let us buy a brand new Tesla for Breanna, please all mad at us, because we messed up her car. Don'T we just rent a supercar gon na get the Tesla okay. I got the check and everything fine, but here's the thing John, so Tesla doesn't really like it when you film inside, so you can't film. This part times are good. Sorry, John sorry, I'll see you on the other side with your pencil except it was all of my money, but it wasn't a lot. They didn't realize this, but I actually don't have that much money. My bank account it's a brand new Tesla Model X. Look check this out check this out, you're ready for this, so we now have got to just absolutely test out all the features of the test. Look wait! There'S this thing: I've Rockets, no one doesn't have Rockets is not a battleship John. I was. I must think he does rockets. No, there is no rockets, but the first thing we are going to test is something I've always wanted to test. What the Tesla is, how fast, is a supercharger on a Tesla, so we're driving to a supercharger station very close to the Tesla dealership and we're gon na test this bad boy out, like the king, just delivered to Briana without being supercharged Lee. It'S got to get some juice, there's a supercharger work on us too, because I didn't eat any lunch and I'm kind of hungry. Ah, I wish dude. I'Ve only were cyborgs, like I'm just saying here in the future. I'M gon na trade out one of my eyeballs for a bionic eye and I can see everything it's gon na be sick, Elon, don't take our idea, okay and we can't deliver Briana's Tesla to her without any battery okay. So this is a supercharger that there's ten stations here. Obviously it's red light: does it match my new people? I check it out guys. This is how you charge a Tesla, oh right, there so check it out. So if we grab the hose we're gon na check, we got a check guys. This is so cool okay, so this is the time remaining on the supercharged. This is how many miles we currently have in the Tesla right now. Oh, my gosh look at it go. Preston is counting faster than I can't it's charging at over 300 miles per hour. Oh that's like as quick as we can write. It says current session zero dollar, your money, all your money for the test, don't tell Alon! Okay: okay, we're almost good to go. We'Ve almost given Breanna an extra 50 miles. Oh she's, gon na take it for a joyride as soon as she gets it, no she's, not we're not gon na. Let her take it for a joyride. This is my, I mean it's her. You keep telling me behind my everyone's back, then you want to have it for your own, but that's not fair to breathe John. I already named it Preston as soon as we get to. I know that's the first thing: she's gon na change Dan good, all right. That'S it it's time to go John, I'm stopping the charge. What'S that I'm stopping the charge, I need your unplug it. We got. Ta go heating down brother one of the coolest things about this car. Is it can literally drive itself? All you have to do is flip this lever twice towards you, wait for it. You'Re gon na hear the sound. Look, it's moving the wheels moving. Do you see it when the lines are blue? That means it's driving itself. That means it's going to slow down or stop. If a cars in front of it, it can change lanes for you. It will even take and exit for your depending on where you're going, but, of course, safety precaution. You always keep their hands on the wheel just in case, but it literally is almost a fully sell driving car and you know the reason why I paid extra for this feature is because Breanna is not the best driver guys. I just got a kid. I got ta take care of my wife, I'm an honest man, okay, that doesn't make me a bad first and I've. Just audits John, that was a maid there's a whoopee cushion option here on the Tessa. Look if you click on it, I can have it fart on-demand. What is a Falcon Heavy? What what's a neuro stink Neuros like that one, if my mom was in the car we can put, the fart sounds to be in the back right seat: okay, wait! The tesla is asking for an access code. It says to me know: what's that Open Sesame? Okay, it's got ta be holiday holiday, oh yeah, look, here's the thing all right! Watch it we're gon na insert in the excess code holiday. Okay, we got to get out brother, I don't know, what's going on, Oh what's it doing here: music, [, Music, ]! Well guys that was pretty cool, but we probably had to cut that video because of the copyright. But still if you want to go see it just google Tesla Xmas at the end of this video, okay, so here's the deal I bought all this insane stuff on Amazon at Rick Brandis castle out, but before we can do that we got a wreck brand. His old car, okay, but it's not actually going to be wrecked, but she's gon na think it's gon na be right, so I've actually hit her previous car in a secret location. With your brother Keith John key yeah, he has a car yeah, so we're gon na go we're gon na go over like ten minutes away. So yeah, let's go let's go. Is it? Is that Keith? What is it Kate? What are you doing? Finally, you guys show up I've been here for hours, man, I'm just reading about Pablo nothing's happened all right. It'S been guarded the entire time, but no one's here. What would happen to it? Kristen, you put them on a fake mission in here, just in case Brolin wanted somebody tried to steal our car. I put Keith there because he's so ugly. It'S get everybody away. Oh it's Jabba! Don'T guys don't tell him okay, so check it out. It'S a spray paint, but it's chalk. So when Brandis these are cars, she's gon na freak out, she gave me like what have you done it it's ruined and also we got a drill. You can never go too far. Somebody'S gon na kill you guys you're our work person, it's gorgeous. Thank you! Oh you. It looks like you have experience. Okay, baby, you broke somebody's car before what I think he's guilty. I think he's so guilty, which is you and your breasts? Oh you'll see brother in the world, I'm fixing this person he's so much better at this than you are dude. I know I see so much better, I'm doing it, but I think he's got experience. Evangelizing, [, Music, ]. What just so brain is not super mad. I'M gon na help her out a little bit. Okay car. What do we get there? We go see. Okay, I don't think she'll care at all that we destroyed her car now exactly Kiki, but get a pretty flower on that. I could do a pretty flower easily. What kind of flower you want Preston any kind of flower baby? This is what I call the blue flower. Look. We got a sunny day, all right there we go here. We go guys shake it up, a little bit all right, eNOS with some original Preston, something original something original. I got you that's too easy Preston you're supposed to do it. Nice picture. Okay, fine, okay! I got you, I got you there. You go Preston's cute! You two fool yourself person. I know I love it, there's not a chance, John. I think it's time for the big guns. Listen, you can't actually destroy the car when she was two cars, but that's like having two phones nobody's two phones. Now that we've totally destroyed Brandon's car, this is where we gon na go trick out her tassel, and let me tell you it's dope, all right boys. Let'S go check this car out, how about it hi guys the boys and I are setting up custom LEDs in Briana's car right now. Look at it. Oh actually looks wicked. It looks so cool we're gon na fill this thing with tons of balloons. We have a helium tank, so many words all these balloons. So a surprise president, isn't really surprised unless you have a giant bow to go with it. Dude she's gon na love, it you think it'll make up for us destroying her car. I have never seen a bow this big in my entire life. Let'S go come on dude there. Now it's purposely Brees gon na love. It check it out. We just finished blowing up every balloon we had her car is so cool. You'Ve got the LEDs in the back there even up here in the front. They are everywhere in the car and, of course, we've got the big bow in the front. So what we're gon na do is we are in the garage right now. Branagh has no idea. She'S in the house taking a bath, we're gon na shut the garage door park, Briana's outing right here and then surprise her with her fixed car, which we spray-painted and then she's, probably gon na get so mad freaked out and then she's gon na open the garage To see her new surprise, okay, it's time to go, get briefed for the big reveal. I know impressed I'm so excited, but also I'm scared. Dude like look at what we did to her. No, no look what Keith did or could you don't tell her? I got ta go, I got ta go. I got ta get her okay, Bri, I'm opening the door. Oh gosh, okay, so Bri keep walking. Look Keith worked so hard on this. No, I didn't I. I wasn't involved in that at all. Look. We have a flower, I'm not happy. Okay. I am NOT happy for you guys. You happy way coming in the front, don't be a break. Come here, Bri! Look. We got a flower, I don't care about the flower, but we breathe. We also have Preston Stiles calm. I don't like it free. We even put sub-2 brie on the car nobody's gon na see that unless they're flying in the air and look down at like the birds will subscribe to, you bring you lovebirds, it's great. I do like birds, but I love when you get this off my car. Even more probably can't get this off your car. This is permanent. We should have drawn a cat going back. It'S me it's great to me out for a freak America, merica man. Look look just here open the garage, okay open the garage. Where are my keys, so I can put my car in the garage just know: you're not just open the garage. You don't gon na put your car back in the garage. I promise you'll, like it. [ Applause, ], hey Bri, Bri. It gets better. What this is your key now to your brand-new Tesla. We spent so much time working on this so check out. You got the bow. I love this boat humor Bri! You got to go inside now. How do I open it? Okay, just yeah, so to open the test. Are you gon na tap on this Hey? We want to keep these lights in here Bri. There was one last thing we forgot to do: okay, this is probably the biggest deal of the car ever what we actually never named your car, so you got ta click on that and you got a name, your car, my vehicle, wait. You have to name it for me. I got it for me. Wait I've got it for you yeah. If you guys didn't know, I have a Tesla and mine is named. Preston drives, which means you've got to be Breanna, Drive, siphon, babe, [, Music, ], [, Music ], my buddy. What are you doing up? Fine, hey, don't say, babies up Brees doing the bow in the car. Are you doing breathe break up? What are you doing? Woman


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