Tuesday, May 28, 2019


[ Laughter, ], [, Music ] good morning and today is a very special vlog because I am buying piya her dream car. Now we were going to buy a Tesla about two months ago and unfortunately, the sale fell through the car actually ended up being sold to someone else before we could get to the dealership in time. So it was a complete nightmare for the last week. I have gone ahead and tried to secretly get a car and I have done it and I'm gon na go meet Pierre now and tell her the good news, nothing to get the camera display. Okay, you know a couple months ago we tried to buy a car and it didn't work out because we didn't get the dealership in time. Yes, well, I've been secretly talking would say, that's better than an engagement ring. Oh, my god, you got it, but we have to go get it. I only gave me the keys because they won't release the car unless we're gon na have a little training thing, because it's like a weird thing to drive, because it's electric - oh my god, I'm shaking [ Laughter, ] right. When do we go get it now now, we'll just finish our drinking then we'll go. The car is a little bit better than the one we were going to get so we've been going into the Tesla showroom like once a month for the last year or so, and just annoying them like going on tests, and I guess never getting one yeah. This is legit my dream car, with a big pimping black wheels, yeah the doors, go like this [ Applause ]. You can't use that key, yet it doesn't make you I just a driver. I'M like this is gon na be our last forever. It was a ceremony. I don't know this be the last one but yeah until the next thing. We have a glass hang on service delivery customers. This way this is the coolest table. Everything and the showroom look fo future the doors, the doors are ridiculous and the door shut. Again. That'S ridiculous, [, Music, ], [, Laughter ], I'm never leaving like a very futuristic business class flight. Yes, all right here is that plate. The first drive [ Music, ], sustainable transport, babies, sustainable transport. So we do a little loop. You look around the car park. First, yes, definitely, I think, that's a really uh [ Laughter ]. This is a very, very fast car, so like just really take it, so that will actually tell you where you're going the first drive, we decided it's safer. If Caine does the first run, it was good, but she just scared us all, which is do a YouTube. Video like Tesla versus jumbo jet yeah, let's go to a racetrack jumbo jet, okay, so the first thing we're gon na do is: go get Musa, Lee and pop her in the car and see how she likes it. I think she's gon na love it there's no spot there, which is sick yeah. Normally, when you drive a car Musil, I kind of sit on the floor. I think cuz she can slide around the least yes she's, like a load like low center of gravity yeah. So show you a little don't read like a little? No, no! No like herd herd, yeah, yeah! Okay, perfect! You join us we've just what easily and muses bed easy cuz, there's so much room down here! Yeah she just like jumped in ran in the middle, and this is your new kannada one. Do you like it yeah? The last time i drive with pea, she was driving a Toyota Yaris, which had a 1 liter engine and, I think, had like 10 % of the power of this car. This thing is buttery smooth. This car doesn't have any gears. It'S really weird: if you just put your foot down, it just goes from like zero to its maximum speed without no, but you know how cars like this doesn't do that Alysha just goes right, the way up to max, which is ridiculous. It'S really really unusual to drive, and also when you take your foot off the accelerator, this thing has regenerative braking, so you don't have to brake. It just slows down for you, so it's kind of it's how you find it that honestly, it's totally different to drive, but it is lovely, I'm not used to the whole when you take your foot off the accelerator, it just slows down, because I think I like Drive like coasting yes, I do i, but this is gon na save the brakes right. Yes, you really use them guys, I'm so excited. What we need to do is put a bunch of cameras in here and basically like a big brother, this entire car. As soon as we step in here, we can be like do and we're vlogging. I have actually ordered like three more GoPros, so this cars gon na be like a full set. We might even share a podcast in here expensive. We got ta get our money's worth now so like this might become a key part of our vlogs that we should carpool karaoke. Let us know ideally royalty, free, music, anything from epidemic, sound, absolutely perfect, so we've been driving around this entire afternoon and we're gon na go see. Brooke whoo her and her boyfriend have just bought themselves an apartment, so we've all been doing a little bit of treating ourselves, and so we thought we're gon na check out their new apartment. We also haven't even met her puppy Maui, so we're gon na go, get some puppy, love and show them. This we've got work and I've seen her in the car and Maui sit down. I want to film these girls reaction to the sports mode. On this thing. This is like a family car ready for you, baby, [, Laughter, ], [ Applause, ], [, Laughter, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ]. You


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