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Here's Why the 2017 Ford GT Is Worth $500,000

This is the new Ford GT. It is the single most highly anticipated car this year. Although Ford has announced pricing, yet it's rumored that well option versions will likely cost around a half million dollars, and today I'm going to show you why it's worth every penny.

I've flown all the way to Tooele Utah, to borrow this Ford GT from Ford at the Ford GT press launch today, I will show you all of its interesting features and cool details and awesome new technology, and then I will take it out on the Road and show you how it drives and for more of my thoughts on the Ford GT experience click the link below for my column, on, slash, oversteer, oh, and this isn't the only thing I've done with the new Ford GT. I've also made a video thoroughly, comparing the new Ford GT and the old Ford GT, which will be out very shortly on my channel, so keep checking back before I get into all the cool stuff a little overview. The new Ford GT is built in Canada and it uses just a v6. It'S the same engine block from the Ford f-150 and the Raptor, but it makes 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque, and this car will do 216 miles per hour and 0 to 60. In 3.2 seconds, the GT uses a 7-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission and Ford says they're only getting billed a thousand of these for the entire world, we'll start with the doors. Now, the old Ford GT had those crazy doors with the roofs on them. That was annoying.

Here's how you get in the new Ford GT, you press this little thing: the door, pops up and then you're in now on the inside of the door, you'll notice, several cool features, for example. Here is the button to release the doors once you're inside also you'll notice. There are two climate control vents on each door and the door pull doesn't go all the way up, but it's a very sturdy piece. So when you get inside, you pull the door closed by grabbing this thing and pulling it down now, when you get in the car, there are a million cool features in quartz, I will start with, possibly the coolest the steering wheel. The steering wheel is an unbelievably complex piece of equipment with 18 different buttons and two dials. So let's check them all out this one controls the windshield washer spray. This one turns on the turn signal and turns it back off again down here: are the Bluetooth or the voice controls? This is the stereo volume and, interestingly, it's the only stereo volume control on the entire car. There isn't a knob on the stereo itself, I'm serious on the left. These buttons change the stereo track above that is the cruise control. The left turn signal button and the button that lets you flash your high beams. As for the two dials, the one on the Left controls your drive mode and each drive mode completely, reconfigures the fully digital gauge cluster, put it in Nfor normal mode and you're, probably on the road. So the speedometer is in the middle with the tach. Above it, it's the same story when you switch to W for wet mode, which is what you choose if it's raining out, but put it in s for sport mode and you're more interested in what gear you're in than the speed. So the gear moves to the front and center next up is T for track mode and then the tach gets much bigger and they banish your speedometer to the top left corner because your speed doesn't really matter as much on the track. Finally, there's v4 v-max mode when you're trying to reach the cars top speed switch into that and your speed moves back to the center again on the right. The other dial controls the windshield wipers, which is simple enough to understand one more cool steering wheel feature when you put the Ford GT in manual shifting mode. This happens now. One reason the steering wheel has so many functions is that the seats don't move I'll get to that more in a second. The thinking was that they wanted to put as many things on the steering wheel as possible. The steering wheel moves so that, if you're a shorter driver, if you're further away from the center console, you wouldn't have to be reaching over there in case you couldn't reach it. Yes, that's right. The seats don't move they're fixed in place in order to save weight. Now you can move the backrest with a little lever located down here, but we fix the seats themselves. They don't move. This has resulted in some interesting decisions, one of which is the steering wheel. Another is the mirrors: look at the driver, mirror and notice where it's positioned on the door almost as far forward as possible, now check out the passenger mirror it's a few inches further back to provide maximum visibility for the driver sitting in a fixed position.

On the left side of the car, speaking of the seats, let's talk seatbelts, this car has a racing harness, but Ford can't sell it like that. The government would get mad and call it a race car. So these are aftermarket harnesses from Sparco. You can get in the Ford Performance Catalog. The funny thing is this: car also has a normal seat belt, but the best part is that Ford knows what are gon na do with this car. So every Ford GT comes ready with mounting points for a racing harness another thing: you'll notice, when you get inside the car is just how narrow the interior is. You'Re almost shoulder-to-shoulder with the person next to you, like you're in a Lotus, Elise or some other small car, there's barely room for a bunch of switches in the middle, and so there are only a few items in the middle. One is the trick transmission lever, which is a circle Park, reverse neutral Drive and push the middle for manual mode; there's also the cool engine start/stop button and between the seats there's just four switches: the axle, lifter suspension, comfort mode, traction control off and the hazard lights. Now, if you're wondering why it's so tight in here, there are two reasons for it: number one is to save weight. You don't want some huge cabin with all the interior materials. Adding weight to the car number two is for arrow.

You see pulling the interior, so tight allowed them to put in the flying buttresses. Yes, that's right. The flying buttresses, one of the most unique design features of this car is the fact that there's a giant hole in the rear 3/4, and it's so big that you can see me another one of my favorite Ford GT quirks is the adjustable pedals. This thing has adjustable pedals, but not with the press of some electronic a button like a modern luxury car. Instead, this thing is old-school. You pull a little loop located in the drivers, footwell and then the pedals adjust. You can move them with your feet, based on exactly where you want them to be. It'S pretty cool. Now I've already shown you the controls in the center console and, aside from those there's only a few others that aren't controlled right here on the steering wheel. One is ford's latest sync system, which is in the middle of the Ford GT unless you get the competition package, which includes no screen there to save weight the other climate controls. These things are not in modern there's, no screen, there's no cool slider they're, just dials. This cars back to basics, another cool Ford, GT feature as I've already shown you. The door opens with the push of an electronic button. But what happens if the battery dies or the button fails? Well for thought of that? There'S a redundancy! It'S a little nylon, strap located on the b-pillar and it has a little picture of a door on it, pull it and the door opens mechanically. One other amazing detail: the Ford GT is interior, you'll notice. I covered the dashboard in carbon fiber. It's not fake carbon fiber, and it's not there for looks this. Car is a carbon fiber tub and the dashboard is a structural component of this car. In fact, the little holes on the and for the climate control vents that sticking the doors are actually a part of the carbon-fiber mold for this car, no fake carbon. In this thing, now on the outside, what most interesting things is the placement of the fuel door, because the whole flying buttress situation. They couldn't really place the fuel door out here, so instead they put it in here you push it.

It opens simply. The problem is when you're filling it up, there's a lot of tar here for the gas to drip on after you stop pumping could get kind of annoying, but back to those flying buttresses, which are about more than just style. They have an aerodynamic function and a function. You probably didn't even realize air comes into that giant intake on the side, and then there are giant air pathways within those flying buttresses that bring cool air into the engine, they're actually functional. Now you probably already knew about the flying buttresses, but did you know that they're not the only hole in this car check it out? You see this hole right here when you open the door, you can see it a lot clearer. In fact, there's a giant air management system, the big air channel that sends air from the front of the car all the way through behind the wheel for improved aerodynamics and downforce. Another really cool Ford GT feature is the hole in the middle of the brake lights. Now I've shown you how all this air gets into the engine and part through the flying buttresses in the air channel. So you wonder well how does it get out? That'S right through the hole in the center of the brake lights? That'S pretty cool! Now one of the four gt's cool party tricks you'll be able to show people when you see when it cars and coffee comes in this panel right here. You might think this is just a regular little black panel, but actually it has one of the coolest features. They'Ve hidden a little lock and unlock icon. When you press the button, it shows whether the doors are locked or unlocked press the button for unlock and the icon shows up. That shows that it's unlocked press the button for lock the icon shows up that it slot. Only for a second they put it here because that's where the position indicator is on the racecar shows whether it's in first, second, third, what laughs, etc and now for the road car there's a little lock on lock icon. Now, let's talk about storage for a second, the only exterior storage, but in this car is back here where the trunk is under the same panel as the engine to access it. You press the little trunk button twice on the key fob and it pops open or you push a little button inside the car next to the steering wheel. Now you remember how in the old Ford GT the entire rear lifted up, and you could see everything and the tires, and it was really cool. Well, not so in this car it's a much smaller area and speaking of all, the rear storage area is absolutely miniscule.

If you're going anywhere in this car, I think your best friend will be FedEx. I have to admit, though, even though this car has only a 3.5 liter v6, that EcoBoost v6 looks pretty cool back there. Now the old Ford GT had a little storage compartment up front, not so in this car to access the front area, you pull a little latch in the driver, foot well open it up and you'll find. All this in here is just some fluids. You won't be able to put anything up front. What about storage inside the car? It'S sparse, really sparse. There'S none behind the seats and the only storage I could really find. Is this little pouch under the driver's seat and this small area behind the kick plate in the passenger footwell another amazing feature about this car. I already showed you track mode in v-max mode and how you can switch to them and what happens on the gauge cluster when you do it. But the really cool thing about those two modes is that when you switch into track motor via max mode, the car lowers by 2 whole inches entirely. The whole car goes down so that it has just 2.75 inches of ground clearance. That'S amazingly low! Think of it. This way, when a Ford GT is in track mode, a Dodge Viper has double the ground clearance, but the most amazing part is how fast it lowers and raises itself take note. I haven't sped up this footage at all now, it'd be impossible to look at this car and not notice the giant wing, and indeed it is a giant wing, but it's not always in this position.

In fact, the wing goes up and down based on what mode you're in and all that one of the more interesting things about the wing, though, is that it actually changes shape when it goes up when it's down it's in its most slippery shape and when it's Up there's a little lip here to provide extra downforce. Here'S another cool Ford, GT, feature you'll, never know unless you know hidden inside the a pillar in the roof and back here there is an official race certified roll cage. In other words, if you took this car to a race track or an autocross or drag strip, you wouldn't have to put in a roll cage in order to run instead, there's already one built in to the pillars in the roof. So that's all the cool features and the strange quirks and the interesting new technology of the Ford GT. Oh boy, was that a lot to cover, but now it's time for the most important part at least to me. I'M gon na take it out on the road and find out how it drives alright time to drive the new Ford GT. This is a very exciting moment. The first thing you realize is the sound is just fantastic. It may not be a v8, but it sounds a lot better than a v6 that shares the same block from the Ford f-150. The transmission is quite quick, even in normal mode handling is just next-level precise on the level of every exotic car. I'Ve ever driven the craziest stuff Ferrari Lamborghini, oh my god, it's so fast. It feels racecar fast. I am blown away by this. The precision of this handling oh my god, that's insane. Visibility is really surprisingly good. That mirror. I can see a lot in that mirror. That mirror is pretty good too. In fact, I do pretty well, the window is pretty small, but I can see a lot of stuff, I'm kind of surprised. Actually, I love that the steering wheel is not a circle. It really feels like a racing car steering wheel that sound right behind you is just crazy. It'S a great noise, really really great and I've shifted into sport mode. You can instantly tell that the throttle response is quicker. The sound also seems a little bit better. All those down shifts are so fast that sound. That sounds like an exotic supercar now in sport mode. The Hanalei. This thing is truly feels like it's on Rails. I have not driven something that handles this. Well ever the sound is just amazing that sounds so good. It is impossible to believe this is a v6 Applause ]

I've, never driven anything that feels this precise and this glued to the road as this car. This is unbelievable. I love this thing. This is amazing, because I've better love it it's a half million dollars. Now, I'm gon na say I'm gon na put it in park because in order to get to track mode, you got to be in part now we're down now. Oh man, you can tell it slower. I wasn't looking up, you can just tell it slower now. The wing is up now and boy. There goes my visibility that I was just saying. It'S pretty good. All this sound is just pro matically improved. It just feels so much bigger. It feels like I'm. It feels like I'm driving sport mode in a tunnel, see the cameras moving around a lot more. It is definitely a harsher ride. You'Re closer to the ground. The suspension is different track. Look I'm gon na floor and very briefly, my god. One of my pet peeves is that the paddles move with the steering wheel. They really ought to stay put when I'm in a corner and I'm going for the paddle it's somewhere up there. I don't know it's an on I'm just blown away by the steering. I'M going fifty, I don't think I've ever felt so confident in a car before so I'm in and I'm gon na floor it here real quick kind of see what happens, see how it goes amazing, truly, truly amazing. I cannot believe this car is really special. This thing is world-class, it is very impressive. I am blown away driving this thing on the road. It'S an interesting experience. This is Carl Carl. Has the old 5 Ford GT? I showed you earlier we're going to be hearing more from him. In my comparison, video, which you'll also see the transmission, is just so smooth it's smooth even on the road smooth on the track before I'm driving on a normal Street here, and it feels like a fairly normal experience, the exception that we're really really low. It is a little loud there's, no question about that. It'S a little bit louder than a lot of the exotic cars are even kind of at lower rpms. It'S it's got more of a noise to it. There'S no question about that. The thing about this car also it's just very cool to drive. I love the interior of this car. I think the insurer is awesome. I think this gauge centre gauge screen I've driven all these super cars. I think this is the best one I've seen I love how much it changes they've really fought through what needs to be at the forefront and what you need to be looking at when you're in each different mode. It isn't cheap, it's just kind of basic and that's what you're looking for with it with a car like this, every material you see in this car that looks fiber yeah our function, yeah, it's there to make sure that the car is as light as possible and Not to make the car yeah then some thinking the car look pretty right right, but that's a side effect of making a car somebody right. Realize, though, that this is not a touring car. You can buy a 488 California, whatever they've put a lot of effort into stitching quality and choose which stitching you want and which leather you want in which this isn't one of those cars. This car will actually be designed for people who really want to use it for performance. It is just massively fast just crazy. I mean it certainly feels faster than your car. You agree part of it is that part of it is the gear. Changes Are just so instantaneous, it drops yeah, that's right and it yeah elegance and that's what that was. My car didn't just raise up. It was just the wing that was doing okay again; it's a race car. So when it's time to put it down it, doesn't it doesn't god this is just an amazing car? Really it really is...It'S everything you'd hope that a car went this place pointing to be this car.

I drove the Aventador sve, which is also a half million dollars. This car makes that thing looked agrarian. I mean this car is so much more precise and it's just on a different level. It really feels like it is so there's your most thorough look yet at the new Ford GT, don't forget to click the link below for my column, about the GT on, slash, oversteer and don't forget to watch my comparison, video between the new Ford GT and The old one Music ], oh, I got a buckle up. That'S what that is. It'S the buckle time because the regular belt isn't buckled in that's so funny. So I got two groups of seatbelts on I'm really safe. Today: Music, ]


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