Friday, June 21, 2019

My Ford GT's Makeover is Complete!

Hi guys I'm Shmi hello and welcome back to the channel where you join me today for a very exciting leg of the where's shmear euro tour. Of course, we're blasting around Europe in the GTC fall or so, but today we're back into you're in to visit Sparco. We'Re inside I'm going to be picking up the new look seats for my Ford GT. A couple of weeks ago, we dropped off the car in Milan, came over here with the seats after they had been removed to have them re, --, trimmed inside today's the day. We'Re going to see the finished result, the final effects of what I've been going for, and there are plenty of other surprises as well, so we're gon na be going inside, taking a look at the seats loading them up into the fastest transporter. I think you could find to take them in the GTC fall or so over to Milan to get them fitted back into the car by Ambrose store. Then I'm gon na drive the car back here to Sparco, to show you the other little surprises that I haven't yet told you about. So I'm excited let's head inside and check out the new seats on my Ford GT. This car is getting some seriously good mileage on it during this tour and it's getting even more in need of a wash than ever. But what's going to be interesting is there are actually three of us traveling in the car at the moment, and that means we've got quite a lot of luggage, I'm on the road for a while. It'S filthy back here, I'm gon na have to give it a wash very soon. So somehow, we've got to work out how to fold down half the back one side and the middle piece and then fit in the full seats. Two back rests and two bases: that's gon na be a bit of a challenge, but first things: first, we need to go inside and move the car to a slightly more sociable parking spot as well head inside, get these seats and see how they look. Here. We are then straight indoors at Sparco to take a look, and you might remember, we had a glance down behind me, but Sparco make the original parts that are installed in the cars. So my seats were made right here, sent over to Canada to be installed into my GT before the car then flew over to Europe again to be delivered. So we had a look down the assembly line, but just as a reminder, I'm going to show you what my seats originally look like, which was this called the dark energy themed black Alcantara, the ribbed central section, but with black stitching still with the carbon fiber. Though and the silver cross brace up at the top for the inspiration for how we're changing those came from this, the golf heritage edition of the Ford GT, the special version pay tribute to the golf gt40s that one at l'amour back in the 60s, and that is To do with the stitching that you have right here, so this car is golf blue with orange accents. My car is liquid red with Allen man racing gold, accents that produce almost myself to the Allen. Man racing GT 40s, and that is the inspiration and that's what we're going to be seeing very shortly. I'Ve also gone with an embroidery up on the headrest and some other small details that I didn't yet mention that we're going to be seeing about the interior of the car as well. So these are all the complete in seeds, ready to be sent off around the world, well actually ready to be sent to the factory in Canada and Toronto, but I think it's time now to go and see how mine turned out. So let's do this yeah! I'M excited fingers crossed it's gon na, be epic directly alongside where the covers themselves are made. We'Ve got my new seats then, and we've just opened one of the bags. They'Re normally transported fully packaged but inside boxes. But this is our first opportunity to take a look at the top, and this is the backrest. We'Ve got the headrest at the very top of it, so just appear inside the bag. You can see the gold of the GT logo. Take a look then, at this, the Alcantara, with the gold embroidery with the red and gold stitching. The colors are absolutely spot-on. Of course, we chose the threads alongside the car out in daylight to make sure that we have the spot-on colors of this the backrest. This is super cool. What we need to do now is get these loaded into the car fully packaged, so that we protect everything. We'Re gon na be taking those over to it's Ambrose store in Milan, or we can fully unpackage them and take a look and then ultimately get them inside the car. As you can imagine, this has posed a little bit of a challenge, but we've managed the seats. Are now inside the boots of the list, so, along with three people's luggage and enough space for three people to sit comfortably to show you very quickly inside here, the back is actually pretty decent, but we've loaded everything up the folding seats. We'Ve got the rear parcel shelves squeezed in as well more than enough room for three people to now make this journey. Let me just follow that back very quickly and with something else that I still have to show you the first of a number of surprises. Coming later on in this video, so inside here fron Sparco, we have the harnesses for the GT which you will notice on one side, you've got the Ford Performance logo, the other side you've got Sparco and on the grabbes, you've got the GT logo. In the exact same gold stitch as on the seats as well, so we've got one of those for the driver seat also for the passenger seat and those are going to be fitted while we're over at the Ford store as well so exciting times the fastest transportation. For seats currently being stored on the back of a seat, which is slightly unusual, let's get on the road then head over to my lap in the car, then, and as promised, joined by benzine Ben and also tucked in the back. We'Ve got smart car 50 yeah and I'm going to read you now the personalization specifications. We do have a glass window, it is absolutely boiling. Let'S get the car started, get the air-conditioning running an hour and a half or so to get over to Milan, where this adventure continues all it's too mulatto, so we just had a quick stop actually along the way before about to have is the glorious sound of This engine, as we pull back out onto the main road / GE Tunnel, has to be done really right and it goes back into fifth gear. So we need to drop it down to first gear and then it's just silly silly fun, so full acceleration for the GT sheets, then onboard the GTC or the sir, as we make our way all words with noise to the light and we have arrived so we're Just about to pull in here and then we'll be at Ambrose store Ford. I think this is the entrance I just come in through here perfect, so it feels like quite a long time ago that we were unloading the GT from the trailer just here having brought it over. It is actually lurking in the workshops at the back. We will go through unload the seats and they're taking the day from there. I can't wait to see what these look like. We'Ll pull the covers back and her better look. The seats are unloaded and this is the first time, but I've actually seen them alongside the GT. So of course it's been covered up. We'Ve just pulled the covers back, but let me show you everything that we've got here: the seats with their new jewel-tone stitching the embroidery the base as well also the harnesses laid out just so we could have a look at it all in the GT lettering. We'Ve got there as well, but the colors are the exact, like I said, colors to match with the Allen man paintwork on the car. So these are going to be installed another day, I'm gon na head off for the moment, we'll come back to see them being fitted into the car which at the moment, by the way just to come through and show. You very quickly is, of course, currently completely bare on the inside, just the carbon fiber tub that you can see missing the bases that fixed and they're rigid inside there, because you move the panel box for the driver's seat and the backrest, of course very visible. The back board right behind so those will be installed now we're going to see what they look like now, small touches, but touches that I think very much complement this car, which is exactly why we've done this. It wasn't possible from you. This is a special one-off from spark. Oh, those are going to go in just quickly to Amenti. My almost trophy, like overheating, of the paint protection film on the back of the car, a normal thing that happens, but just shows that the car has been driven very, very hard and that can be changed quite easily. The paintwork is absolutely fine, underneath very exciting, though, but we'll say goodbye to these. For the moment, the spare seats still inside their bags in the second seat, the passenger seat and we'll come back and see these very shortly good morning, then, from Ambrose store we're back. Unfortunately, though, it is raining outside which is not going to be so fun but later on, when this is all completed. But we are going to be driving the car when it's all fitted and finished over to Sparco, to pick up the last little goodies. The things that I've been keeping secrets so what's happening now then pop the car into neutral, pulled it back out so that it's easier to access that meant reinstalling loosely speaking just plugging in the passenger base to set the airbags. But what we've got here, then, are all of the different pieces, the bases the back rests and the harnesses the bespoke harnesses as well that a part of the GT owners kit that we're actually gon na be seeing later. So these the six-point harnesses get fitted in parallel with the seats, it all happens. At the same time, it's gon na take a little while a couple of hours to get all of this fitted see work starting off there on the driver's side before it's all gon na be done, and I cannot wait to see what these are going to look Like the weather outside is now absolutely atrocious, but we are making some good progress in here, so you can see the seat taking shape with the headrest embroideries. Of course, there's still some packaging on the back, I'm intentionally not giving you a full view of this. Yet we've started installing harnesses, so the first part of this you have to do is actually to lock in at the base the fifth and sixth points. I suppose that come up through the base rest, then you attach the side bits to the same connections as the seatbelts, but you can still use the normal seat belts or use a blocker in here. That'S a driver seat side and you can roughly see how this is all coming together. This is quite exciting at the moment, but there's a lot more still to be done. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of time. There is a very very handy. I just pop around here installation guide from Sparco to show us what to do. The slightly sad thing is: I'm gon na be out driving in that rain quite shortly, but come and have a look at this because inside we are just out there now with the driver's seat. The harnesses for the shoulder straps connects to that pass on the back board. That was actually one of the few options on the car to order to have the brackets pre-mounted. So a backrest is now installed. Those have done these come through from the base where that is basically a completed seat. So those come down we fold these over into the middle. You see official licensed product from Sparco and yes magic cross seats. The driver's seat is completed. Super cool we're down to the last bit and the base of the passenger side, but have a look this with the harnesses fitted. This is so epic and I know we're talking about relatively small changes here. The dual tone stitch the GT embroidery, but this makes it a one-off and ties in with the exterior I like the interior to be focused to be about driving, particularly some track use by having the harnesses, but to bring a small flash of that color. In from the exterior, that's something I love doing across the cars in my garage, and it means well, if it wasn't particularly bright outside you'd, see the goals of the GT logo on the headrests. As you look in in fact, just have a glance in there. So small details that really just make it match make it more unique, make it more special and that might not be the end, but it's definitely something looking very, very nice. So we're just got to get this installed before taking the car out and remember I've not driven it for a couple of weeks since dropping it off to have the seats, redone and then getting it over to spark Oh bring it on. I can't wait and it is done. I am sitting inside the new completed interior of the GT for the first time in my new driver seats wearing, of course, the racing harnesses we've got the gold GT embroidery on the headrests behind me, but I'm very excited about this because well it's been quite a Long time in the works since before the car was even built back when I was specking it, I had these kind of images in my mind of what the interior could look like, but you were limited from factory to just a couple of different options. So being able to have this car that well, the new GT is pretty special and it's very significant to me as well. This is, I think, the true definition of a keeper in terms of its rarity, but also the memories and building with it so far, and the plans that I've got with this car coming up. But now, adding to that. With this new interior, a one-off from Sparco small touches, I didn't want it to be overkill. The embroidery the stitching, but also with the harnesses, ready and set to go out and drive more on the track, which is what this car is built for. So what I need to do is jump on the road. Now it's about an hour and a half in the rain, unfortunately, to get over to Sparco, because there is still this one more little surprise that I've got to show you. I haven't driven the car for a couple of weeks. I can't wait to get it out on the road. Let'S give a press of the bus and bring it into. He says. I'Ve just managed to lose the key down out of my pocket typical supercar ona problems. Hey there we go got it GT key right there squeeze that back in so let's get over to Turin to take the car out and see this other little thing. That'S coming it's time for me to hit the road, but a huge thanks goes to Ambrose tour. The Ford dealer here in Milan, oh what a magnificent job they've done. I'Ve just been in to say my goodbyes. I'Ve now got the car loaded up with luggage and, of course, having no boot. Space means it's all in the passenger seat, including the boxes for the harnesses and also for driving on the road back to the three point seat belt, as opposed to the racing harnesses. If you're using the harnesses. Really you should have a hands device and a helmet on, and if you don't have a seat belt plug-in, you also have it chiming away. So we don't want any of that. Now. A lift system up pop the car into drive always just gives you a little notification. Of course everything feels well. I think we could say pretty similar Navis set 154 kilometers, the slight disadvantage of which is that a tank in this car doesn't get you all that much more than that, so we might be filling up fairly soon roads, I'm hoping and not going to be too Busy for this drive at least it's not pouring down with rain like it was earlier, but it is not exactly looking great anyway adds on the road. This is, I feels good to be back in the GT. I do need to put the dashboard, though, into km/h. That is something I need to work on in a second, but let's get on to the autostrada. Take it one step at a time see where we get to. There are two things about the Ford GT that I find pretty weird and unusual. The first of them is actually only a problem if you have a car for the miles per hour country people to have kilometers per hour display know what I mean by that is you actually have to choose km/h as a specific display kind of gauge your property? So, instead of having your oil temperatures - or let's say your trip information, you have km/h. So while you have km/h, you can't see anything else, but all the other gauges you can describe and down between them the km/h. It is basically fixed and it always keeps miles per hour, cruise control because paints a GT and so crap right. He says all the luggage, another thing that makes it totally consecrated aura. Honestly, I'm just perusing at the speed limits on cruise control yeah it's reading, but it says 86 miles the empty now this is that either dance optimistic, basically a hundred and fifty miles or so I think, is dead. That'S all you get out of it Sally Sally! Surprisingly, learn about the color, the windshield wipers, this massively kicks Myra parents a Ferrari into the ground. Windshield wipers actually do good job of wiping the windscreen anyway, I'm enjoying the drive chillin out of the car having. I realized the Ford GT here at Italy as well, which is pretty cool and move all the way to its turret, not too much to really talk about sailing down the hall toaster honors alrighty, then here I am at the gate at Sparco. They very kindly opened it on arrival, it's pretty cool to bring the car here we're. Obviously these quite significant parts of the car are actually made and assembled and manufactured, as we just saw earlier on in this video, of course, that wasn't today. Unfortunately, it's not raining here right at this very second as well, but pull in and go inside catch up with the team, because they're working on these cars day-in day-out, but don't actually see them all that often anyway, we're back then where we were with Balu. So picking up the seats, but it's time to head inside I've rather hiked this up. So let's go him and take a look then at what it is, I'm here to pick up inside Bend where I'm joined by niccolò and me I really do see this. Definitely, let's do it. Let'S show now free dude Wow, it's like Christmas time. It is literally like Christmas time, that's quite a distinct shape. I have an idea what might be inside there. This, though, is particularly intriguing. This is the exact size of the boot space in the car. So what could be inside? Let'S have a look. I'M gon na need to unwrap this and take a look inside. Give me one moment, I'm being that guy who unwrapped something really slowly, but in here take a look at the Ford GT owners kit, exactly matching at low seats. How cool is this right? Let me pull it completely out so that you can have a look, but these same stitching. This is really cool. Let me show you what we have here, then the official Ford GT owners, kids. This is something that you can add to match with your car. So the case itself is literally now in the same spec as the inside: the red and the gold stitching, the gold GT embroidery and look at this, the Union Jack flag as well: J. 211! That'S my car's chassis number inside here, though, we have a few more, very special things to show you, so let me quickly go through these. The boots that match the car Colin like is that so so nice, the gloves the gold GT embroidery inside here, though, exactly how to open this. This is well. This is the coolest you might be able to guess. What'S coming, this is the official Ford Performance Racing Wow with all the sponsors, as per the web team, GT embroidery again: J 211 that is so cool. I need to get a mannequin to dress, to dress up wearing all of this. That all goes in this case that fits into the back of the car, and then we've also got the helmet as well. So let me quickly open this to show you two inside here how epic is that J 211, the design of the Ford Performance race team? This is really really special. This is the kind of stuff that lives with the car forever mementos memorabilia. It makes a special car even more special Wow. It'S the moment of truth. Then we've got the kit. I'Ve taken out the things that are usually in the booths. Of course, the car has paint protection. Films are not a problem, but let's see if this is going to be able to fit in here, it should be absolutely perfect. So carefully does it be success. That is in it's gon na, be careful with this. For the moment, just don't damage anything close this down, to give it a little press click magic. Just like that, so perfect, so cool. So epic, awesome, it's time to head off the Sun is setting. I pulled the car out so that they could lock up the gates, but what an adventure this is turning out to be, and before I go anywhere, let me show you the fairly amusing luggage situation that is currently going on inside the GT. So, on the best of days, it's a pretty small car on the inside it's long and wide but very low and has a tiny, tiny, cabin two-seater and you've seen the boot. If you can actually call it a boot, but I've taken the owners kit out. That'S now inside, along with my luggage, as is the helmet, which is now inside a box for safekeeping, so back in the boots, I've got the likes of the tire inflation kits, the trickle charger, some instructions, a few random bits and bobs back there, which means everything Else has had to make its way inside the cabin, and you definitely would not be fitting. A passenger inside this car anymore. You'Ve got the owner's kit, the helmet box, the harness boxes, my other luggage, and that is the entirety of the passenger-side completely taken up. But let me just give you a last look at this. It'S come out so so. Well, I can't say thank you to Sparco enough. The resulting effect of this is entirely what I wanted to have in the car to go with the exterior as well. Just a few flashes of color, of course, the installation of the harnesses as well, but not going over the top keeping it very OEM. I mean this is om. It'S a bespoke, one-off, buy Sparco who make this original interior in every car. It where's the sparkle tags. On the side of the bolsters that you have there as well, and this with these colours perfectly matched is now absolutely epic. Honestly, it is amazing. I know some people might have thought I might go a little bit crazier with the whole car. But for me it's a focused car. The interior should be black Alcantara, lightweight, sporty style, but just a small flash of color to bring in the exterior to the interior, and that's how I like doing the cars that you see in my lineup and small touches like the GT badges on the straps. All going with the wheels, for example, the BBS fi arse, like on the GT LM race car, so the Ford GT. For me this is well and truly a proper keeper, now, even more so with these extra parts from Sparco. So, as I said, a huge thanks to the team here, a huge thanks as well to the team at Ambrose store for doing the work to actually take the seats out and replace them. This car just gets more and more special by the minute and for me yeah, it's really something I think it's my favourite car that I have ever owned. I can say that the Ford GT so thank you very much for watching, as always guys a bit of a random one about stitching and embroidery, but adding it the cherry on the cake. I think we could say the GT owners kit to match and go with the entire car. So that's it for now. I appreciate your support and I will see you again very very soon: Cheers Music ], you


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